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This page is deprecated. GPG keys can now be registered directly with the bot. See GPG authentication instructions, and list of registered gpg keys.

This page lists the GPG keys for known #bitcoin-otc users. If you want to add your key to this page, talk to nanotube on channel. You must be a registered and cloaked user on freenode in order to get an entry on this page. A popular keyserver to locate these is, or the SKS keyserver pool. Can't go wrong by uploading to both. :)

Don't know anything about gpg? Explore this tutorial!

User GPG Key Fingerprint
ankostis 5006 137D E2F6 FEDD C702 DBE6 9CF2 77C4 0A8A 1B08
ben-abuya 4CF5 8F52 0E63 51A6 32F8 4BE6 F2F5 1D82 8B5D 5358
brocktice 066D 2429 81D6 D0E5 44EA FEFA CC1D DB1E EC88 A717
djoot 40E0 594A 46C9 276F C6F5 2ECB 4AC6 D8FF 0B19 CFAA
doublec AA10 A0B5 334F A2E9 B21D 5131 736D 9F34 9753 DFAB
dsg 223E 7F7A 7AEB 9778 783C 0317 D735 F8A6 3921 BB28
f3n 5AF7 1546 145A 1A1F 513D 68FB E49F 689D 7FCB CF50
gasteve ABC6 C11B BF75 9E2B FC6A B3E0 7B96 40B2 CAC0 C158
grondilu 3617 0FB4 863D 595A 6E47 0EB6 AB5E F7EF 50B8 0E68
idnar BEFD 72A2 B0EA A2D8 14CB 1C1B A4DB 970D 0215 F78A
Keefe 13B8 91C2 886F 4139 7B6E E0E5 8BF5 A807 2126 07F0
Lachesis 7A96 A45E 1603 6FCB EA72 146D 33D6 60E9 FFC7 420D
mmarker 3F58 D433 7DAD 53A6 0D33 6924 39F8 F625 AFEE FE80
nanotube D8B1 1AAC 59A8 73B0 F38D 475C E7F9 38BE C955 94B2
ne0futur 9CCD 7DA2 7050 8805 F471 03D1 DF76 B78C 690B 4E07
nick2day 0227 6381 496F 2B2B 5F5C A67C 0FEA 7811 E1AA C0DD
noagendamarket 3033 1865 D8FA 365D DCFF D837 7861 D2AF DD42 D4B5
Remmy BA41 A20F 5774 2B85 03B9 57CF EB2E 409A F154 8A67
sgornick 1619 E0F3 0A0A E945 C3A5 407E F64A 32C0 7327 B2F8
theymos 5E6B 3F3B A961 193C 5C9B 4435 C655 5693 DAB5 91E7
yang 77C5 156E 29A4 EB6C 1C4A 5EBA 414A 29F5 00E8 0E86