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What is #bitcoin-pit

#bitcoin-pit is a channel for trading-only talk. It is to be all business, unlike the main #bitcoin-otc where many trading and markets-related discussions take place as well. The name of the channel is a reference to the trading pit on open outcry exchanges.

Rules of conduct


  • Stating you order(s)
  • Asking if anyone is selling X
  • Using various bot commands to check exchange rates and other trade-related info
  • Placing/viewing OTC order book orders

Not allowed

  • Spaming your order repeatedly and often. If nobody is picking up your order, just means nobody present at the time is interested.
  • GPG authenticating with the bot on channel. Use PM (or #bitcoin-otc if you are having trouble and want someone to take a look at what errors you're making).
  • Talking about off-topic things, or discuss recent news, etc. Save that talk for #bitcoin.
  • Placing orders that have no chance of getting filled (e.g., asking for free BTC, selling your urine, etc.)
  • No BS. BS is defined as per the ops' discretion.

See Also

If you violate these rules, you will be removed from the pit.