Bitcoin-otc channel guidelines

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The goals of the #bitcoin-otc channel are, in order of importance:

  • to facilitate the smooth flow of commerce
  • to let people get to know each other to develop trust
  • to serve as a friendly introduction to bitcoin for newcomers

To these ends, we strive to maintain a professional, friendly, and helpful atmosphere on the channel at all times. To this effect, the following behaviors are expressly prohibited:

  • Insults, flamewars, NSFW discussions;
  • Violation of freenode's unlawful activity policy;
  • Generally, anything that would make a newcomer or oldtimer feel unwelcome or would reflect badly on the OTC community, or the bitcoin community at large, is to be avoided.

If you notice anyone violating these rules, including channel administrators, please notify nanotube.

Private chat and alternative channels are always available, make good use of them.