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#bitcoin-market is a Freenode IRC channel dedicated to streaming market quotes from the various bitcoin exchanges. Most major exchanges are included.

The channel is set to +m, the only user that can talk is the bot that streams market quotes. For an over the counter exchange, try the #bitcoin-otc channel instead.

Click here to join the channel through your web browser.

Quote structure

Here's an example quote from the channel:

Jan10 05:41:21 mtgox   x13    49.9678 @     6.3103886  USD
  • Jan10 05:41:21 - month, date and time, in UTC. The date of the example trade is January 10, 05:41:21 UTC.
  • mtgox - abbreviation for the exchange. See markets list for complete list of abbreviations. In this case, the exchange is MtGox.
  • x13 - thirteen separate trades have been rolled up into this line. when trades occur in quick succession, they are aggregated due to IRC message rate limits. when a quote contains this marker, the volume (see next item) is cumulative for all aggregated trades, and the price (see item after that), is a weighted average per-coin price for this group of trades.
  • 49.9678 - volume of the trade in BTC. 49.9678 total bitcoins have been traded in this group of 13 trades.
  • 6.3103886 - price per bitcoin, in units of whatever currency the trade is in (see next item). for aggregated lines, which this is an example of, the price is a weighted average price per coin (i.e., total number of USD, divided by total number of coins)
  • USD - currency against which the trade was conducted. see Currency abbreviations section for detail. In this case, trade is for US dollars.

Currency abbreviations

See Standard national currency codes.