List of common currency abbreviations

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This page is a list of commonly-used abbreviations for various currencies used on the #bitcoin-otc order book.


  • BTC - Bitcoin
  • TNBTC - TestNet Bitcoin

National Currency Codes

  • USD - United States Dollar
  • EUR - Euro
  • CHF - Swiss Franc

Liberty Reserve

  • LRUSD - Libertyreserve USD
  • LREUR - Libertyreserve EUR

Mt. Gox

  • MTGUSD - Mt. Gox USD

An account holder has the abililty to transfer MTGUSD to another account on Mt. Gox at no charge<ref>Send MTGUSD via Email</ref>. Fees apply when withdrawing MTGUSD to a U.S. bank account and when withdrawing as LRUSD.

Bitcoin Central

  • BCLRUSD - Represents LRUSD in an account on Bitcoin Central
  • BCLREUR - Represents LREUR in an account on Bitcoin Central
  • BCEUR - Represents EUR in an account on Bitcoin Central

An account holder has the ability to transfer LRUSD, LREUR and EUR from an account to another account on Bitcoin Central at no charge<ref>Transfer Funds on Bitcoin Central</ref>.



  • DWUSD - Dwolla USD


  • MBUSD - Moneybookers USD
  • MBEUR - Moneybookers EUR



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