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#bc-news : a news channel for bitcoins markets and fans

You can join this channel with your IRC client ( chat.freenode.net server channel #bc-news ) or in your browser using the following link : http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#bc-news

Goal and use of Bc-News IRC channel

BTC DailyTraders need all the BTC information, as fast as possible, gathered in one place !

Most news are coming from the bitcoin news RSS agregator : http://bitcoin.gw.gd/-Bitcoin-News-

The main goal of the #bc-news is to have a real time feed of everything related to bitcoins , wether it be tweets from users, market updates, tagged links, new sellers accepting bitcoins . . .

Meeting, trading and commenting the market and news is also allowed, as long as you're not off-topic.

Donations welcome : 171LRDqWayrLgSXf81LTrGUvcx4CTrvZdA

contact ne0futur on IRC for any questions, ideas, feedback, partnerships . . .